Gary Lewis began his interest in all things mechanical at an early age repairing his old cars and fabricating farm equipment. He gained formal training in an apprenticeship machining aircraft engine parts. After accumulating a few more years experience, he returned to college and earned Baccalaureate and Master's degrees from California State University San Jose.

While in his senior year at CSU San Jose, Mr. Lewis accepted a part time teaching assignemt in machine tools at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. In 1969, he was hired full time and began building nationally recognized programs in Machine Tool and Automotive Technologies at De Anza College. He has also consulted in developing programs at other colleges and for private industry.

In 1972, following his love of engines, Mr. Lewis began developing an Automotive Machining program at De Anza. With this assignment, he learned that he had to develop his own teaching materials with an appropriate mix of machining and engine technologies. Other materials at the time were either entirely academic or limited to parts replacement and assembly. Slowly, the materials developed for instruction in this program accumulated to become the current textbook.

In 1985, he gained recognition for presenting to the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association process technology that he developed for stress relieving and straightening aluminum cylinder heads. This process had been developed over time beginning in the mid-seventies coinciding with huge increases in import overhead cam engines. Since the presentation in 1985, the process has become a standard for the industry.







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